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PC 333D

Article No. 504126

General Description

For FPS and movie enthusiasts used to 2-channel headsets, experiencing the multichannel soundscape of the PC 333D is a revelation. It’s like switching from mono to stereo or black & white to color at once. 7.1 channels create detail that normally isn’t perceptible – to make 3D games and movies amazingly realistic and exciting. When gamers switch the 3D G4ME1 7.1 USB soundcard to multichannel, they can locate off-screen sounds with 360° accuracy at even the noisiest LAN party. Instead of right, left or front, you can tell precisely where a sound came from, how far away the source is and what direction it’s moving in. It’s a massive competitive advantage, even for the world-class professionals from mTw who helped us design the PC 333D.

The hyper-realism and intensity of the multichannel soundscape is even better thanks to the excellent Sennheiser speakers and the circumaural, closed-acoustic ear cups that shut out background noise. If you do need to interact with the outside world, the
PC 333D gives you an easy way to do it – you just flip up one ear cup using the swivel DJ Hinge. In-game chat and internet telephony is easy, too. There’s a first-class noise canceling microphone and an intuitive volume control that’s integrated directly in the right ear cup.

  • More spacious sound field - 7.1 channel surround sound powered by Dolby* Headphone to accurately pinpoint noises from all directions in the gamescape
  • Superb Sennheiser stereo sound - Sennheiser quality speakers deliver great acoustic performance from games, music, movies and internet calls
  • Great for LAN gaming - the circumaural closed acoustic design of XL ear cups blocks out noise around you for hyper-realistic gaming with total immersion
  • Quick team talk - at just a swivel of the DJ Hinge on the right ear cup, you have direct contact with your teammates
  • Noise canceling clarity - the professional microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations without the need to shout
  • Intuitive design and automatic microphone mute – the volume control is integrated in the right ear cup and you can mute the microphone by raising the boom arm
  • Essential extra – supplied with a protective carrying pouch
  • Peace of mind – thanks to the 2-year international warranty
  • *Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
Packaging includes
  • PC 333D headset
  • 3D G4ME1 7.1 USB soundcard
  • USB extension cable
  • Audio driver CD
  • Quick set-up guide
  • Carrying pouch